I have spent the most part of the past year like I just got kicked in the gut. Unsurprised, yet in a state of some sort of sacred reflection, of screaming-speechlessness, baffled that my worst political fears are indeed undeniably our gruesome reality today. Like that scene in 1984 my eyes torn open wide, as I am forced awake witnessing what seems the worst possible nightmare.


I live under the strong arm of a government which answers to donald fucking trump- my gaia! I still cant believe it. I live within a system, which is built systematically to serve pedophiles, the uber rich, and others who feed on the blood of the most vulnerable, while it inherently kills off those with deep compassion and/or those merely unlucky to be of the majority disenfranchised. I live in a culture where those practicing basic freedom of speech, non violently protesting a pussy-grabbing child molesting president and his extinction-level policies is considered “terrorism” and for some comes with threats of a potential 50 year prison sentence.


I live in a society where if you’re the recipient of inheritance it directly determines your access to resources while trumping innovation, skill, passion and ability. Where the most vile, ill, oppressive vermin are rewarded with power, where presidents abuse women and power including not paying taxes or following the same laws as citizens. I live in a society where currently every single person in the top .01% gets a government handout of $722k in tax cuts yearly and the average family gets $600 only temporarily, with no healthcare.


I live in a culture where the water, land and air is poisoned for profit, where political footballs are made of the sick, poor, minorities, women, and handicapped, as the privileged sit on their hands baffled, while fueling the fires of their own demise.


I live in a community where people wind up suspiciously dead every other week while the mainstream media doesn’t care to hold government accountable, especially if they are not white and a longtime “local”. A place where gun shots roar constantly, under even more obnoxiously roaring TVs selling a willful masses hatful, fear campaigns to perpetuate the current hegemony, including the criminalization injustice institution, slumlords, consumerism, environmental and social degradation, while many gobble up propaganda with their everyday beliefs and actions exacerbating illusions of separation.



I believe another means of effective social organization is not only possible IT IS NECESSARY and at this point it is child abuse to not see to fruition. Did you know that YOUTH POVERTY alone is the HIGHEST in US of the OACD (aka “rich countries’ club” ). According to the United Nations the states ranks 5/37 in youth poverty and inequality (being nearly the most unequal of rich countries). How does this happen? In this must see clip from UN below it shows how this familiar hate is propagated to exist in the subconscious of the unconscious worldwide (https://livestream.com/AlstonUNSR/USA/videos/167282267).

The UN representative explains, “What I’ve seen in the US is the dominance of twin narratives, which are that the rich are enterprising, altruistic, dedicated and the poor are losers, scammers, people trying to profit from the system. And that narrative frames the issues and is put forward by politicians to on one hand justify massive tax reductions and immense transfers of wealth to the rich, combined with massive cuts in basic assistance provided to the poor. If we take Human Rights seriously… (not just housing, food, healthcare, but also civil and political Rights) those Rights cannot be enjoyed effectively in situations where there is such massive inequality. Poor people have no chance of having there voices heard, or of framing political policy and that’s what we see happening in the US today …”

The UN representative continues, “When people who are middle class encounter homeless people, they are offended, their senses are offended by the smell, the appearance, by the inconvenience etc. and they tend to be both contemptuous and resentful asking, “What the hell are you doing here- get out of my neighborhood” (Sound familiar?) 16699803_10202890140571781_2079717278_n “What suddenly occurred to me is that when we have that encounter we should actually be reflecting on ourselves- “is this the society, is this the community, is this the government that is doing this?” (hint- yes). In a country like the US homelessness could be eliminated very quickly, yet it’s not because we don’t want to put money into it, we want to instead see these people as losers, low forms of life.”


It’s beyond time to stop falling for the uber rich’s scams (on a macro -global and microcosmic -local and personal level) and realize the moment we stop falling of this, THE PEOPLE CAN STEP INTO OUR AUTHENTIC POWER and make necessary changes that literally will save lives and increase everyone’s standard of living. Hate and fear will never get us to realize solutions in action.

Belief thought action diagram Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 7.29.41 PM

This administration and their pawns are beyond revealing of their same-ol’-same political propaganda games. But it is our personal and social responsibility to realize when we have been duped, in order to see “WE ARE ALL ONE HUMAN” (as a brilliant man from one of the US’ war-torn communities of Afghanistan once asked me to share with Americans before he lost his life, another victim of war – RIP Mahmoud- pictured below).

Are you afraid of minorities, poor people, those struggling with substance abuse? Do you assume that there is an evil man somewhere in the ghettos or the Middle East trying to “destroy your way of life” or someone from Mexico “takin’ your job or rapin’ women?” Do you believe that corporations should have more Rights than you and that they have your best interests at heart? WAKE UP!

These are all apart of the same political narratives that keep the people enslaved, separate, afraid, and disempowered from rising up to see the end of this inhumanity worldwide. These campaigns are scams to get you to act and be a certain way which appeases shareholders while destroying every life form’s hope to survive. While much of this reality is forced upon us, the canary in the coal mine screams-BE FREE wherever you still can be- FALLING FOR THIS RHETORIC IS YOUR CHOICE. I believe we are smarter than this humans!

Every day is an opportunity for us all to rise above the bullshit narratives and act with loving compassion for all, especially those victimized most by this system i.e.; ecosystems, women, children, families, minorities, indigenous, nations the states is at war with (nearly all), those victim of corporate takeover and devastation and the like.


What are you living for? Do you even consider this living fully? Or are you a slave in some capacity to a lifestyle, to a belief, to a religion, to a political party, to an economy, a paycheck, a constitution, to some other unsustainable human construct? Or are you alive to usher in freedom for one and so for all? Just some of the many questions we should be pondering.


Unconsciousness is violent. ME TOO says mother earth, minorities, indigenous, lgbtq, women, children, disabled, veterans, those most disenfranchised. We are more than 50% of the world. What are we going to do about this ongoing inhumanity??? Time to step into our real power and get organized humans, while we still can.


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