Alternative Realities, False Enemies

Published in Greenfuse- February 2017 “Scientists around the world concur, the decisions we are making now and in the next 10 to 20 years will not only effect us, but the whole biosphere for thousands of years,” as Chris Williams; Author, Environmental Scholar and Professor of Physics and Chemistry at Pace University states, and as… Continue reading Alternative Realities, False Enemies

Welcome To My Blog…

Hey I am Shakti, the government calls me Nichole Norris. This blog is a compilation of my work mainly in Southern Humboldt California (and around the world), giving voice to the voiceless and shedding light on immense government corruption amidst a chaotic transition from “the drug war” (aka-War on people) to “legalization” (only for the rich); which is ushering in total economic collapse for the majority of Humboldt County residents today -housed and unhoused. My aspiration is to parallel global and local issues in order to realize solutions to the housing crisis, consequences of extraction, industry and exploitation, as well as the ongoing inhumanity and hate which plagues our community and beyond.  May we finally realize lasting humane solutions! Namaste