Biden Bullies

If I hear one more elder try to guilt the younger generations (etc.*) into betting on Biden instead of voting for our values, I’m going to be sick. This is NOT about trump. Trump is only a symptom of the root issue that BIDEN IS ACTIVELY PERPETUATING. This IS about the democratic/ republican establishment and this oppressive system as a whole.
The actual issue is not a green voter, but those who think that if we have a democratic president that somehow the state of the world will be acceptable, those who feel comforted by the slight variation in the puppet masters regardless of the puppet. A blue establishment figure head does not inspire the level of change needed for the challenges we face now, not tomorrow but right now. I am here to tell you from the front lines that it doesnt matter much either way. There is WAY more variation between Bernie and Biden than Biden and Trump. Although, I have noticed a consistent pattern of democratic presidents inspiring many to go back to sleep while really harmful Neo-liberal policies continue worldwide.
Now is the time for transition, not business as usual. It might sound shocking but coming from someone not served by the establishment, I think it serves us more as a species collectively to have our society on the verge of total collapse, protesting from cars, demanding changes, threatening the establishment, and making a difference so we can realize solutions, than it does to toe the line for that which guarantees our extinction. It sure is helping the planet and other species at the very minimum.
Biden has a shameful record in most every regard; war, immigration, climate change, livable wages, healthcare for profit, serving banksters, cutting social security, the war on drugs, incarceration for profit, pipelines, campaign finance reform, the list goes on and on. My gosh he sexually assaulted a young woman, at least one (Tara Reid). Biden literally said “nothing will change” if he gets elected president, he is building the most horrendous cabinet. He is funded and controlled by billionaires and corporations and has demonstrated he is not mentally capable. He deported more than Bush and caged children at the border, not at the same level (I know!) but it existed. That is what people are voting against, the whole establishment that allows for this to exist at all. If you think the problem is with the aware among us who are fighting for our very survival and demanding real change, you are completely missing the point.
Some say, “Well what about the pandemic, we need someone competent,” and yeah obviously I agree but Biden isn’t that or trustworthy either. Almost any other democratic presidential nominee would have done a better job, yes especially Marianna Williamson. Most important for folks to understand is that at least 40-50% of the US population was suffering at about the same level before the pandemic, much more worldwide, still with virtually no safety nets. Saying that things will “go back to normal” is a death sentence for too many people.
Understand that if you think Biden is acceptable (enough to shame others into voting for him), you have some degree of privilege within the establishment and that comfort comes with a cost to others. Younger generations are fighting for our very lives, immigrants, minorities, children and women are fighting for our lives across the world. In America we determined collectively that Biden is not an acceptable candidate for the challenges ahead and business as usual is not an option. When you bully and shame someone to vote for Biden you are essentially asking people to make you feel comfortable momentarily while we merely slow our inevitable rolling off of a cliff.
Millions of people (mainly 45 and under) didn’t vote for Bernie because he was a “fine alternative” to trump, we voted for him because we thoroughly believe in his policies, values, record and integrity. All of which Biden does NOT have. So no, it’s not remotely the same, comparable or acceptable to vote for Biden for many people. Shaming people for their values and awareness within an alleged democracy is unacceptable and exaustingly predictable.
Trump didnt win because of green voters, he won because Bernie got pushed out by the establishment in 2016 and 2020, and unfortunately trump will win again. Again we just went through this exact same situation with Hillary, the played out talking points are mind numbing. Hillary lost just like Biden will loose and for the same reasons- the majority have had it with the neoliberal establishment agenda and corporate two party system. Not the majority of republicans, not the majority of democrats, but the majority of Americans have had it. If we had a multi- party election you would see that clearly, Bernie would beat both Biden and Trump if they all ran together. I encourage elders to fight for something like a multi-party system or the end of voter suppression instead of shaming people into voting for Biden. Biden has super pacs, billionaires and the entire political establishment supporting him, he doesnt need your advocacy, the people (not served by the establishment) and ecosystems do. The minimum that you can do is encourage voting, not shame voters.
When you pressure progressive voters to vote for business as usual, you are not inspiring them to vote for Biden but instead inspiring them to give up on voting entirely. Frankly my friends who tell me not to vote because “it doesnt matter” make a whole lot more sense to me right now than those who try to convince me to vote for the establishment. Ive never voted for a democrat besides Bernie. I voted for Jill Stein in 2016 because I live in CA and my vote really doesn’t matter on the national level in the general election. I’m working for Rashida Talib and/or AOC, as our first female president (and VP) in 2024 and I will proudly be writing in Bernie or voting green again in 2020- tbd. Instead of shaming people who are exercising their right to vote, look at our reasons, look at our message, look at our supported policies. Please stop blaming people for fighting for their lives, for refusing to be ignored, refusing to settle for business as usual and the establishment’s agenda. Trump won when Bernie lost, it’s already over I’m sorry to say and it’s not my fault. The moment you stop blaming voters like me is the moment we may realize what’s really behind this same old same, set-up-to-fail, polarity establishment BS insuring that those with power stay in power.
Great discussion here about this topic from the Hill-
(*note to readers- I do not mean to generalize or separate the generations, not all elders are hypnotized by blue/Biden narrative thank goodness and thank you, you are an inspiration! Though it is interesting to me that I have yet to hear a single younger person try to convince me to vote for Biden, only people over the age of 50, typically affluent white men and some affluent white women and I mean no offence by that its just my observations. All I am saying is that I think that reveals something about the struggle. Also interesting to note- where were these Biden advocates when Bernie was a candidate? Mostly silent for the record.)
An inspiring song on this topic-

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